Information for Crafters

August 1, 2017: the application form is now available for download. Completed forms are due no later than Friday, Aug. 25. See form for full details. Invalid download ID.

If you are ever interested in joining our event as a vendor, first and foremost, the items you sell must be handmade by yourself, or at least by a friend you’re helping out. 

PLEASE NOTE: We now use an application process, rather than the heretofore first-come, first-served policy. We do not jury your work but will select from the applicants based on a variety of factors, such as making an effort to limit the number of vendors of similar items. We begin by inviting any vendor that’s participated in the Holiday Craft Fair in the past, followed on August 1st with the general application process. As stated above, we’ll be posting the application form here beginning August 1, 2017.

We offer booth spaces of approximately 8’ wide x 6‘ deep (on average). Check out our webpage, Floor Plans, to see where the spaces are and how they’ll be more or less configured in the various areas of City Hall for the Holiday Craft Fair.

As of the 2016 sale, the booth fee averages $95 for the two-day sale (we reserve the right to modify the booth fee in future). Please note: we are no longer offering a Saturday-Only/Sunday-Only room for those vendors that wish to sell only one day. However, we’ll make an effort to accommodate requests for one-day only, if we can easily match to someone asking for the other day-only.

We have a limited number of 6’ tables which we can rent to you for $10, otherwise you will need to bring your own table and/or racks as long as you more or less fit within the allotted space; we supply at no cost any number of chairs for your use. Use of City Hall’s electricity is an additional $10, and we require table coverings to the floor (because it makes the sale look so much more classy). You can bring your own table covering, or you can rent one from us (nice black fabric tablecloth) for $10.

The sale is held in the Roseville City Hall building – great location with lots of free parking. There are two levels, with the main, entry level being the upper level. There are two nice staircases and an elevator to bring the shoppers to the lower level. On that lower level, in addition to more crafter spaces, is the “Food and More” room which is where we will have food and beverages for sale in addition to crafters selling their wares. We offer a food service for the vendors, with menus and free pick up and delivery service of food and drink by some of our volunteers, so you don’t have to leave your space.

Please note we have a page with pictures of City Hall. Click here or navigate to the page from the navigation menu above. These images are from 2012 and will updated if necessary.